Jul. 19th, 2010

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I am a huge fanvid lover - and I'm also completely incompetent at it.  But still, when I see a good one - and there are some amazing vids out there - it can do more for me than a fic can.  I thought about embedding the vids here, but I didn't want anyone to forget to comment on the master posts!  And please do comment if you enjoy, vidders get astoundingly few comments for some bizarre reason...

Star Trek XI - James T. Kirk -  Circus by butterfly

This video is insanely popular for a good reason - it takes a fun, cheesy song and makes it work.  I must have watched it a dozen times and it only gets better.

Supernatural - Castiel - Nowhere to Stop by lola_thursday

Lola explores Castiel's new role on Earth, his relationship with Dean (there's a lovely hint of slash) and his rather mad path into the vices of humanity.  Also, this is quite possibly the most perfect Castiel song is existence.  Tru Fax.

Iron Man - Tony Stark - Cuz I Can by arefadedaway

I drink more than you - I party harder than you do - And my car's faster than yours too
Another example of a seriously cheesy song that a vidder just makes work.  This is the ultimate Tony Stark vid.

Dexter - Dexter - Ramalama (Bang Bang) by kiki_miserychic

This vid pretty much sums up why Dexter is so bloody terrifying.  The song is unnerving, the editing is practically flawless and Dexter is his mass-murdering self.  I love this vid.

Gone with the Wind - Scarlett - Gold Digger by absolutedestiny

Okay, first off?  Anyone who can set Kanye West to Gone with the World deserves a fucking Emmy.  Full stop.  Anyhow, this vid is one of my all time favourites.  The song is ludicrously appropriate for Scarlett and the editing still makes my heart pitter-patter.  ♥


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