So, I was lucky enough to fanmix [ profile] belial's Not From This Anger for this year's [ profile] five0bang. It's a fabulous AU starring Steve and Danno and the rest of the gang as teens. FAB. Enjoy the story and enjoy the mix!

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Not From This Anger - the mix )
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The Secret History by Donna Tartt is one of the most amazing books on the planet. The End. So making a fanmix out of the book seemed only natural.

My Slow Descent Into Alcoholism - The Secret History Fanmix )Hope you enjoyed the mix - check out some of my other fanmixes (Supernatural, Lost, Greys) HERE.
And remember that comments make the world go round. ♥
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Okay, the Jack/Juliet mix. *sighs* I have been a fan of this pairing ever since Juliet's first episode - and even though I am actually starting to believe that Jack isn't good enough for her (and that perhaps Sawyer is...) I still think they are the greatest duo on Lost. They were amazing together in Season Three, and hopefully we'll see more of this love square (?) next season.

Most of this mix is speculation for the upcoming season. Although I started it after the Season 3 finale - it could still be canon. So basically, for most of the mix - the duo are separated. That's all you need to know, just enjoy!
Never Let Me Go - Cover Never Let Me Go - Back Cover

Never Let Me Go - A Jack/Juliet Mix )
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Finally!  I have been working on this mix for ages as crazy!girl-in-love-with-captain-in-space can be quite a challenge.  I tried to capture the essence of Serenity and the claustrophobia of a relationship on board it.  Really hope y'all enjoy it!

Hope you enjoyed the mix - check out some of my other fanmixes (Supernatural, Lost, Greys) HERE.
And remember that comments make the world go round.  ♥
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Okay, at the end of Season two I was kinda in shock. Sure, the next season meant the plot was going to be AllAboutDeanAngstAllTheTime - but there was also the fact that Dean might end up... er... dead. So, I made a fanmix. And then I made one about how Sammy would save him. And then I felt better.

The styles for the two mixes are very different, but they go together. For the Death!Dean mix, there is a lot of blues and lots of "the devil is after me" sweetness. Very gritty, dirty and devilish stuff. On the hand, Saviour!Sammy is all about jazz. Smooth, melodic and a touch of Godlyness thrown in.

Please note, I haven't seen any of Season 3 yet! Do not spoil me!!!

I am stupidly proud of these EPs, and I really hope you enjoy them!

Me and the Devil - a Death!Dean Fanmix )

Blue Alert - the Sammy won't let Dean Die fanmix )
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Okay, so a bit of explaining in front of this fanmix. For some bizarre reason, something about this summer and the way things ended in S3 of Grey's Anatomy - all I could think about was how alike Meredith and Alex are. I cannot imagine how I was distracted by MrDreamy and McSteamy to see, well, that McEvil is Meredith's best match.

If you are somewhat sceptical, take a look at some of the quotes I have included in this fanmix - as you are bound to see some similarities between the two characters! Also, to quote Shonda, "And Alex…I’ve said before that Alex is Meredith’s mirror and I’m saying it again."

Hey, if Gizzie can happen, so can Merlex!

Hole In My Head - Meredith Alex Fanmix )
Hope you enjoyed the mix - check out some of my other fanmixes (Supernatural, Lost, Gen) HERE.
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The Totally Crack Slut!Dean Fanmix

Grab the Zip here! or Here!
[change xx to tt, you'll need WinRar to unzip]

In It For The Money )
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Well, I have just recently gotten over a rather frustrating and confusing break up that still leaves me stupidly angry/annoyed/with a giant question mark over my head whenever I think about it too hard. Being the nerdy girl I am - I developed a soundtrack. While it is not quite as personal as it could have been, the main message is still "I think you are a dick and I don't mean that in a good way." Blare it, sing to a mirror or jump up and down on the bed - just enjoy. :)

Guys Suck: a 'fuck you asshole' break-up soundtrack )

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Ana Lucia is one of my favourite ever Lost characters, and although I am slightly surprised by my first soundtrack being about her - I couldn't love her more. Be warned - this takes into account all of season 2, so there will be spoilers to those of you who haven't seen it all!

I have to admit, I have always really related to Ana Lucia, which is somewhat disturbing in some cases. She has the amazing ability to be a very sexual woman, but act a lot more like a man. She's had a tough life - and it shows.

The mix is slightly eclectic, but I honestly do think they work for her. This is my first mix, so any comments would be nice!

On My Own - An Ana Lucia (Lost) Fanmix )


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