Wow if I haven't fallen completely back in love with Entourage.  Seriously.  People, you all need to get your asses down and read [profile] fourteencandles's Here's Us Together series - quite possibly the greatest thing in this fandom.  I fell head over heels in love with both Vince and Eric in this - and she actually successfully managed to write 40k of Vinny/E in TURTLE'S POV. *dies*

And so, yeah.  Now all my fandoms are colliding in my head.  I've got Dean Winchester having sex with Jonny Wilkinson while solving some case Ari hired him for while VINNY AND E MAKE OUT IN THE CORNER. 


I need to get a grip on reality.
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I finally got around to watching Serenity - and while I was must not totally in love with it - it was pretty good. Nathan Fillion is stupidly hot, which made the entire thing worth it. Speaking of which... Casino Royale? The band film I had sworn I would never ever ever see? LOVED it. Daniel Craig is very very sexy and the entire film was just completely out of left field.

Loved the last SPN episode, admittedly not as much as I loved Nightshifter - but close. It was such a Dean!ep I squeed far too much. Speaking of which, have been Roswell again - which I had almost forgotten about - and wow have I missed it. It was so cheesy and teeny, but but but... it reminds me of being 12 again. *shrugs* It has, however, resparked my icon-making!love so I might actually get around to updating [ profile] kaishia sometime soon.

erm... oh yes! New layout! [ profile] aishia!! Am very much in love with it, and I'll have you know, its my very first SPN layout.

Have been reading a lot of fic lately - but I can't say there was anything that jumped out worth reccing. Shame. :/

Have reupped my "Guys Suck: a "fuck you asshole" break-up soundtrack" for someone, so go ahead and help yourself. Looking back on it, I am shocked at how angry I had been. Now when I listen to it I get cheery. Odd.

Oh, and gift for any Alejandro Sanz fans out there, "Te lo agradezco, pero no" with Sharika (but don't let that put you off!) has been running on repeat in my head - so I though I'd share. I have become so obsessed with this be glad I didn't include the video.
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PIMP: SUPERNATURAL FANDOM fanlisting - join!

I am not sure about the layout or the name and the about section is lacking - but at least it's up!

I am very carefully avoiding any spoilers for the next season of Supernatural. I want to hear none of it - because I still remember my being spoiled for the QAF ending, which meant I didnt properly watch the season at all. And while I was spolied for Half Blood Prince but I didn't actually believe it - so it didn't matter in the end.

I have been reading all of the Big Bang stories, from both Post-HBP and Post-OotP - I can't believe I managed to miss them. Well, when HBP came out I was really getting into QAF, but OotP came out like a week before I changed from D/Hr to H/D... nevertheless, it means I have had truckloads of Drarry to read over the past week.

I still dont have CNN at home - and even though I didnt have at uni, I miss it desperately. Especially when I am reading all my back issues of Vanity Fair, and stumble upon that article by Anderson Cooper - I never switched off CNN during Katrina, and Coop was a godsend...


Opportunistic Lover by [ profile] joyfulgirl41 - [Dean/Girl!Sam]
Sam wakes up a girl. Dean notices. - An old fic that I hav eonly just stumbled on. Not usually my cup of tea - but crack none the less.

Field of Mars by [ profile] angstslashhope
Found the Chevy today. - Sequel to On the banks of the Tiber, a werewolf fic that I had trouble not re-reading. Same goes for this sequel, I really couldn't pick between the two.

Ships Passing by Sorrel - [Xander/Spike/Dean, Dean/Sam] [First in Points of Connection Series]
Dean stumbles onto Spike and Xander slaying a vampire and ends up joining them for one memorable night. - I loved this threesome and honestly felt as though Dean could just move right in with the two of them and be perfectly happy.

I Can't Trace Time by [ profile] gilascave
The demon was gone, and its influence over their lives was fading.


Signups at [ profile] postcardathon!

Big Bang Fics - you have probably read all of them, I will do individual recs later though!


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