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Okay, I spent the entire Supernatural season er, not watching it.  Because I knew I would get hooked and that I would obsess exactly the way I did last year.  But wow.  Catching up?  Beyond amazing.  And 3x11?  I have never loved Sam so much.  Ever.  Except when he lost his shoe.

In a way I'm glad I missed waiting for the eps - otherwise I would have started reading some of the critique - which always ends up affecting me!  And since I didn't, I loved every second.  It's like when someone points out the tiny flaw your dream guy has and then you end up breaking up with him.  Plain out evil.


And how awesome has Lost season 4 been?  Seriously.  Crazy Crazy awesome.  Even though there haven't been any Juliet episodes yet I am still in love.  Although not as in love as I am with Spn.  But then, how could I be?  Also, I have watch the first two seasons of House.... and yeah.  WOW.  I have long been in love with Hugh Laurie, so this was just the cherry on my cupcake of love.

Also, how have I not mentioned my crazy excitement over the strike being over?  While I totally supported them (pencils down and all that jazz) I am so glad they are back at their jobs.  Oddly enough it feels like Greys is the only show that was affected.  Guess its because I was too in love with the boys to actually, ya know, watch the show.  Which is bizarre... I know.

England v. France this weekend.  So be prepared for a sob story.
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The thing I love about the HP fandom is the quantity of quality there is out there.  I might not read an H/D fic for months, but when I want to I can spend hours at a time reading a novel length fic.  I kinda miss being as active in this fandom as I used to be, but at the same time, I do not miss the miserable waits for new chapters.  Then again, I suffer in exactly the same way in all my other fandoms... but nevermind.

The thing is, I just can't keep up.  I had little computer time this summer, which dampened my SPN obsession.  And since I have not seen the new eps, I have been sticking solely to the WIPs I had followed before S3.  Just in case.  It's crazy, but at least I can venture onto my flist with the help of filters.  And then there is Heroes, which I do not profess to be an expert in or a major fangirl of.  But at the same time, I love my Nathan/Peter fics.  And how can I not mention QAF?  The fandom I used to exist off of for almost a year... I am completely in the dark.  I miss Brian and Justin in the way you miss that ex that left you at the alter.  But I never know how to get back into the swing of the QAF fandom.

And then there are the deadish fandoms out there.   My Spike/Angel love is still going strong, but the fandom lacks the structure that HP and SPN have.  ie. There is no "here are all the super long, amazingly complex fics" sort of thing.  So either I read through crap or I just give up.  What about Firefly?  My Mal/River love is over the moon, but the fandom in kinda tiny.  Not to mention the fact that there aren't too many browncoats out there who share my particular love.  (If you feel the overwhelming urge to convert, check out [profile] tesla321 's Knot for our Heart - which I love like woah.)

There is also my crazy obsession with the West Wing. How can such an amazing show have such a tiny fandom?  If I could get everyone in the SPN fandom to just write three words of Sam/Josh fic, the amount out there would triple overnight.  And speaking about tin fandom, who else is wondering where all the Grey's fans are?  Seriously.  And what about Lost?  Why am I not overwhelmed with hot Jacket fics everytime I check my flist?  I mean, apart from the fact it's het.  Which.... admittedly, might have a lot to do with it.

Okay, this started out as a happy post and ended up a not-so-happy post.  Give me a fandom with too many fics and I'm pissed, too few and I'm pissed.  I guess I can't be pleased.

Oh yeah, I hope everyone out there is watching Blood Ties.  That awesome Canadian Vampire Detective show?  With the amazingly stunning Henry Fitzroy?  Yeah, that one.

the accidental multifandom whore
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Okay, so a bit of explaining in front of this fanmix. For some bizarre reason, something about this summer and the way things ended in S3 of Grey's Anatomy - all I could think about was how alike Meredith and Alex are. I cannot imagine how I was distracted by MrDreamy and McSteamy to see, well, that McEvil is Meredith's best match.

If you are somewhat sceptical, take a look at some of the quotes I have included in this fanmix - as you are bound to see some similarities between the two characters! Also, to quote Shonda, "And Alex…I’ve said before that Alex is Meredith’s mirror and I’m saying it again."

Hey, if Gizzie can happen, so can Merlex!

Hole In My Head - Meredith Alex Fanmix )
Hope you enjoyed the mix - check out some of my other fanmixes (Supernatural, Lost, Gen) HERE.
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I could not believe my eyes when I saw a copy of this first ep was out! Quality was not the best, and there were still a couple of things the editor was working on... but apart from that it was a pretty good copy.

Spoilers - In which Addison puts her foot down  )

BTW. Supernatural is still my OTTV - but until I see a pre-air ep for that, I apologise.
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1) OMG Podcast! Jonny McGovern is 12 kinds of awesome, and if you people aren't listening to his GayPimp Podcasts - then do so now.

2) I have been rewatching QAF and am still crazy in love. In case, by some hideous chance, you missed Pulse Point by [personal profile] xie_xie_xie - it is like reading a gay!Greys Anatomy.  Only with characters I actually like.  *pimps*

3) I cracked and got an insanejournal and a journalfen.  Just in case, and all that.

4) Jared has a STARDOLL.  ...  Yeah, I saw these on The 9 about six months ago and had since completely forgotten about them.  But now?  Yeah, staring at Jared in his boxers has purpose.

5) *gigglesnort* More of ToppyBastard!Jared/Jensen Premiere pics, posted by [personal profile] stir_of_echoes.

6) Start pre-ordering your Serenity DVD, people.  I know the chances of another movie are kinda microscopic - but you never know!

7) We didn't start the fandom.  *sighs*  Relive the greatest HP fandom moments of all time.  Seriously, this is possibly the greatest ever made.

8) I watched the entire season of Dirt, and half of Entourage season 4.  My Hollywood love is like woah.

So, I think I've managed to cover every fandom in this short post.  *hugs the world*  And no, this is not another high!post.
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I've caved and started watching Grey's Anatomy. Had been very hesitant because a) I don't like hospital shows, b) I don't like people who like hospital shows, and most most of all c) they are SPN's competition. To anyone who is not a diehard SPN fan - you don't have permission to watch this show, because you might end up jumping ship. Dean is dieing - cut him some slack. Anyhow, I then realized that I don't actually add to GA's numbers as I don't own a television - thus justifying the whole thing. Moving on. Alex Karev? WOAH SO AMAZING. My friends are making fun of me as all my fandom boyfriends are guys with Daddy issues, scared of commitment, workaholic - although sometimes just alcoholic - emotionally unavailable sluts who deep down are just fucked up little boys you want to hug. Scary how that also describes every guy I've ever dated. Moving on. ALEX. WOAH. Love him.

Is it disturbing that seeing a cast photo of GA before I started to watch, I recognized Sandra Oh from the small role she had in Under the Tuscan Sun and did not recognize Katherine Heigl from Roswell. A show I've seen a gazillion hours worth of?? Fucking weird.

Anyhow, anyone else notice how these shows that have millions of fans have practically non-existent fandoms? Seriously? Entourage, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost (well, not as much) - they have tiny fandoms but a huge amount of viewers. I just wonder where everyone is. Which brings me to the real point of this post - I really, really want a Lost/GA crossover with the two Dr. Shepherds. How come no one has written a lovely piece of Jack/McDreamy porn? That was my very first thought when I realized they had the same name, job and degree of hotness. Also, where is my Alex/Dean one night stand? Would love to see Dean having to leave midfuck due to some demon emergency while Alex does the whole "usually that's my line." Or better yet, an angry "Damn your show and all its viewers" Jensen/Justin Chambers fic.

JDM was excellent in GA - so strange to see him all smily and nice. But BLESS. I kept making these "Johnnnnny" sounds whenever he was on screen. Because, damn if I can't see him as anything but Daddy Winchester. Even when he is the exact opposite. I have only seen one ep with him in it - but can't wait for more! Also makes me giddy as it's an obvious set up to get married!Justin and Jensen in bed together and Jared forgive me, you can join in I still love you don't get mad GUH.

I fully intend to picspam you with reasons why Justin Chambers/Jensen Ackles should be someones' OTP as soon as my internet is back up at home. Oh, did I forget to mention that? GA killed my internet. Apparently I downloaded so much they now have me on watch. I can't wait to get out of halls. It should be back up on Thursday and will just have to manage- somehow - till then!


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