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Seriously??  Shore, where have you been hiding this awesome writing all these bloody years??? 

House+Wilson+Chase = GREATEST TEAM EVA.


pretty please??
Okay, this is just weird.

The past two night I have had het dreams about characters I don't ship. Night one: Jane and Lisbon do the nasty, ignoring their jobs while the team try to investigate by themselves. Then while riding Jane, she breaks down calling him a liar because he knows what is in her head.


Night Two: Chase comforted 13 after the kidnapping by having sex with her. Turns out he is in an open relationship - evidenced by the fact that Cameron came home drunk (and in an elevator, which I haven't quite worked out yet) covered with chocolate and with two guys and some random girl. She then asked Chase if he was going to join them, all the while eagerly telling him how she picked them up.

I seriously squicked myself with that last one.

So wtf is wrong with me? Since when do I dream in het? And what was 13 doing in my brain??
I have just come back from a month absence from the internet. Needless to say I am behind. So discovering three new shows - The Mentalist and True Blood, both of which will air in September - and getting into The Cleaner... let's just say it was like a return to my roots.

To SPN fans out there, Alona Tal is in the second episode of The Cleaner... WOW. She was amazing. I never really liked her as Jo - but maybe that was just the character... either way, she was excellent alongside Benjamin Bratt. Highly recommend watching at least that one episode.

Also, for the first time in years I am working on a fic. It's actually kinda monstrous and has developed into a medium size trilogy in my head.... the ship? Brian Kinney/Robert Chase. Seriously. Of course, leading on to House/Chase. The three weeks I spent without fandom meant I had to develop my own, and for some reason this is what my brain came up with. I ahve just started writing it long hand and I have a feeling it is going to be rather porny. Which means... research!

Also, I have officially become what I used to loathe - an Obamamaniac. I still wish Hillary could have gotten the nomination, and at first I was only behind him because the thought of McCain was so much worse... but then the New Yorker cover came out, and I got so angry at people that couldn't see the self-mocking that the New Yorker was trying to portray. It just made me really pissed at people who didn't like him. And then I found out that the Human Society endorsed him, and that was it. Total love. He will be a wonderful President. I have no doubt about it.
I had a dream last night in which House was running all over the hospital trying to work out why Chase had so much candy. And then he stumbled upon Chase's "super secret candy closet" and it turned out he had so much candy because he was reading Sam/Dean smut all night and wanted to stay up. He then had a breakdown, House pushed Cameron to the side and comforted him. They proceeded to live sarcastically ever after whilst gorging themselves on twizzlers.


I think Chase even had one of those candy bracelets - and it spelled out WINCEST.


I've gone completely insane. It's official.
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Okay, I spent the entire Supernatural season er, not watching it.  Because I knew I would get hooked and that I would obsess exactly the way I did last year.  But wow.  Catching up?  Beyond amazing.  And 3x11?  I have never loved Sam so much.  Ever.  Except when he lost his shoe.

In a way I'm glad I missed waiting for the eps - otherwise I would have started reading some of the critique - which always ends up affecting me!  And since I didn't, I loved every second.  It's like when someone points out the tiny flaw your dream guy has and then you end up breaking up with him.  Plain out evil.


And how awesome has Lost season 4 been?  Seriously.  Crazy Crazy awesome.  Even though there haven't been any Juliet episodes yet I am still in love.  Although not as in love as I am with Spn.  But then, how could I be?  Also, I have watch the first two seasons of House.... and yeah.  WOW.  I have long been in love with Hugh Laurie, so this was just the cherry on my cupcake of love.

Also, how have I not mentioned my crazy excitement over the strike being over?  While I totally supported them (pencils down and all that jazz) I am so glad they are back at their jobs.  Oddly enough it feels like Greys is the only show that was affected.  Guess its because I was too in love with the boys to actually, ya know, watch the show.  Which is bizarre... I know.

England v. France this weekend.  So be prepared for a sob story.


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