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I am really pissed off at LJ - and really looking forward to NEVER GIVING THEM MONEY EVER AGAIN.


I had all sorts of lovely things planned for this weekend - a Mal/River fanmix I have been working on for aaages.  Some actual fanvid recs.  A frankenstein mix... and now... I will have to wait till next weekend, as there is no way in hell I will be posting them before friday and then not coming onto LJ.

Okay.  As if the witch-hunt, the censorship and all that stalking-of-computers shit wasn't enough, its all just thrown back into our faces with a big STFU.

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1) OMG Podcast! Jonny McGovern is 12 kinds of awesome, and if you people aren't listening to his GayPimp Podcasts - then do so now.

2) I have been rewatching QAF and am still crazy in love. In case, by some hideous chance, you missed Pulse Point by [personal profile] xie_xie_xie - it is like reading a gay!Greys Anatomy.  Only with characters I actually like.  *pimps*

3) I cracked and got an insanejournal and a journalfen.  Just in case, and all that.

4) Jared has a STARDOLL.  ...  Yeah, I saw these on The 9 about six months ago and had since completely forgotten about them.  But now?  Yeah, staring at Jared in his boxers has purpose.

5) *gigglesnort* More of ToppyBastard!Jared/Jensen Premiere pics, posted by [personal profile] stir_of_echoes.

6) Start pre-ordering your Serenity DVD, people.  I know the chances of another movie are kinda microscopic - but you never know!

7) We didn't start the fandom.  *sighs*  Relive the greatest HP fandom moments of all time.  Seriously, this is possibly the greatest ever made.

8) I watched the entire season of Dirt, and half of Entourage season 4.  My Hollywood love is like woah.

So, I think I've managed to cover every fandom in this short post.  *hugs the world*  And no, this is not another high!post.

TOS my ass

Aug. 8th, 2007 03:34 pm
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I have become somewhat conflicted what with the latest LJ scandal. I love my LJ and I love the fandom on LJ - and when fandom moves, I am leaving with it. But until then, I plan to tread carefully and never ever ever give LJ money again. Sure, I'm just one user. But this in one journal that will never again be paid. Really makes me sad considering I just upgraded a few months ago after years of being on LJ.

I have been spamming [ profile] vichan   's post to everyone I know. Because, seriously, first LJ censors two sixteen year olds fucking, then it's on to everyone under the age of 21 being reported for underage drinking. *rolls eyes*

I currently only have a GreatestJournal and have no desire to move to InsaneJournal. Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

Anyhow, following the current trend:

How I was TOS'ed )


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