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Just how often does your SO-NEVER-GOING-TO-HAPPEN-YOU-MUST-BE-CRAZY Ship actually, ya know, happen? Once in a lifetime apparently...!  SO friggin happy!

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Okay, the Jack/Juliet mix. *sighs* I have been a fan of this pairing ever since Juliet's first episode - and even though I am actually starting to believe that Jack isn't good enough for her (and that perhaps Sawyer is...) I still think they are the greatest duo on Lost. They were amazing together in Season Three, and hopefully we'll see more of this love square (?) next season.

Most of this mix is speculation for the upcoming season. Although I started it after the Season 3 finale - it could still be canon. So basically, for most of the mix - the duo are separated. That's all you need to know, just enjoy!
Never Let Me Go - Cover Never Let Me Go - Back Cover

Never Let Me Go - A Jack/Juliet Mix )
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Okay, I spent the entire Supernatural season er, not watching it.  Because I knew I would get hooked and that I would obsess exactly the way I did last year.  But wow.  Catching up?  Beyond amazing.  And 3x11?  I have never loved Sam so much.  Ever.  Except when he lost his shoe.

In a way I'm glad I missed waiting for the eps - otherwise I would have started reading some of the critique - which always ends up affecting me!  And since I didn't, I loved every second.  It's like when someone points out the tiny flaw your dream guy has and then you end up breaking up with him.  Plain out evil.


And how awesome has Lost season 4 been?  Seriously.  Crazy Crazy awesome.  Even though there haven't been any Juliet episodes yet I am still in love.  Although not as in love as I am with Spn.  But then, how could I be?  Also, I have watch the first two seasons of House.... and yeah.  WOW.  I have long been in love with Hugh Laurie, so this was just the cherry on my cupcake of love.

Also, how have I not mentioned my crazy excitement over the strike being over?  While I totally supported them (pencils down and all that jazz) I am so glad they are back at their jobs.  Oddly enough it feels like Greys is the only show that was affected.  Guess its because I was too in love with the boys to actually, ya know, watch the show.  Which is bizarre... I know.

England v. France this weekend.  So be prepared for a sob story.
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The thing I love about the HP fandom is the quantity of quality there is out there.  I might not read an H/D fic for months, but when I want to I can spend hours at a time reading a novel length fic.  I kinda miss being as active in this fandom as I used to be, but at the same time, I do not miss the miserable waits for new chapters.  Then again, I suffer in exactly the same way in all my other fandoms... but nevermind.

The thing is, I just can't keep up.  I had little computer time this summer, which dampened my SPN obsession.  And since I have not seen the new eps, I have been sticking solely to the WIPs I had followed before S3.  Just in case.  It's crazy, but at least I can venture onto my flist with the help of filters.  And then there is Heroes, which I do not profess to be an expert in or a major fangirl of.  But at the same time, I love my Nathan/Peter fics.  And how can I not mention QAF?  The fandom I used to exist off of for almost a year... I am completely in the dark.  I miss Brian and Justin in the way you miss that ex that left you at the alter.  But I never know how to get back into the swing of the QAF fandom.

And then there are the deadish fandoms out there.   My Spike/Angel love is still going strong, but the fandom lacks the structure that HP and SPN have.  ie. There is no "here are all the super long, amazingly complex fics" sort of thing.  So either I read through crap or I just give up.  What about Firefly?  My Mal/River love is over the moon, but the fandom in kinda tiny.  Not to mention the fact that there aren't too many browncoats out there who share my particular love.  (If you feel the overwhelming urge to convert, check out [profile] tesla321 's Knot for our Heart - which I love like woah.)

There is also my crazy obsession with the West Wing. How can such an amazing show have such a tiny fandom?  If I could get everyone in the SPN fandom to just write three words of Sam/Josh fic, the amount out there would triple overnight.  And speaking about tin fandom, who else is wondering where all the Grey's fans are?  Seriously.  And what about Lost?  Why am I not overwhelmed with hot Jacket fics everytime I check my flist?  I mean, apart from the fact it's het.  Which.... admittedly, might have a lot to do with it.

Okay, this started out as a happy post and ended up a not-so-happy post.  Give me a fandom with too many fics and I'm pissed, too few and I'm pissed.  I guess I can't be pleased.

Oh yeah, I hope everyone out there is watching Blood Ties.  That awesome Canadian Vampire Detective show?  With the amazingly stunning Henry Fitzroy?  Yeah, that one.

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I was surfing through thefuselage last night, and came across this totally amazing theory on the Juliet/Jack thread.

I have also thought that Jack’s “Forgive me” was meant for Juliet, and that maybe Juliet got left behind somehow.

That has totally changed my perspective on the entire finale episode - and now I actually feel for Jack during the episode.  The thought of Juliet having been left behind and Jack desperately wanting to save her... almost makes me tear up.  Then again, I have shipped Jack/Juliet since 3x01 - even then it was totally evident to me that they would eventually get together.  *crosses fingers for S4*
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Instant rec time:

A Work Of Tragicomedy & An Exercise In PoMo Bullshit by [profile] shaychana  - [J/J RPS]

Hold Back the Hand by [profile] mandysbitch- [S/D Post-Devils Trap]

Kore by  [personal profile] musesfool- [SPN/Firefly Xover, Dean/River]

I have yet to see SPN 2x20 - I'm saving it for when I've finished covering a lecture course - motivation, as it were.


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