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1) OMG Podcast! Jonny McGovern is 12 kinds of awesome, and if you people aren't listening to his GayPimp Podcasts - then do so now.

2) I have been rewatching QAF and am still crazy in love. In case, by some hideous chance, you missed Pulse Point by [personal profile] xie_xie_xie - it is like reading a gay!Greys Anatomy.  Only with characters I actually like.  *pimps*

3) I cracked and got an insanejournal and a journalfen.  Just in case, and all that.

4) Jared has a STARDOLL.  ...  Yeah, I saw these on The 9 about six months ago and had since completely forgotten about them.  But now?  Yeah, staring at Jared in his boxers has purpose.

5) *gigglesnort* More of ToppyBastard!Jared/Jensen Premiere pics, posted by [personal profile] stir_of_echoes.

6) Start pre-ordering your Serenity DVD, people.  I know the chances of another movie are kinda microscopic - but you never know!

7) We didn't start the fandom.  *sighs*  Relive the greatest HP fandom moments of all time.  Seriously, this is possibly the greatest ever made.

8) I watched the entire season of Dirt, and half of Entourage season 4.  My Hollywood love is like woah.

So, I think I've managed to cover every fandom in this short post.  *hugs the world*  And no, this is not another high!post.
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Okay. I really really hate FOX right now - and for once I'm not talking about the "news" network. I've watched the four aired eps, and really enjoyed them, so Fox pulling the plug on Drive makes me want to scream. The show had around 6 million viewers, but Fox doesn't seem to stand for anything under 10 million. (This actually kinda terrifies me, considering SPN's ratings.) :/

It's just, I'm finally watching Firefly - it was such a good show, and it is such a fucking pity that Nathan Fillion got stuck with that crappy network. I'm just saying...
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I finally got around to watching Serenity - and while I was must not totally in love with it - it was pretty good. Nathan Fillion is stupidly hot, which made the entire thing worth it. Speaking of which... Casino Royale? The band film I had sworn I would never ever ever see? LOVED it. Daniel Craig is very very sexy and the entire film was just completely out of left field.

Loved the last SPN episode, admittedly not as much as I loved Nightshifter - but close. It was such a Dean!ep I squeed far too much. Speaking of which, have been Roswell again - which I had almost forgotten about - and wow have I missed it. It was so cheesy and teeny, but but but... it reminds me of being 12 again. *shrugs* It has, however, resparked my icon-making!love so I might actually get around to updating [ profile] kaishia sometime soon.

erm... oh yes! New layout! [ profile] aishia!! Am very much in love with it, and I'll have you know, its my very first SPN layout.

Have been reading a lot of fic lately - but I can't say there was anything that jumped out worth reccing. Shame. :/

Have reupped my "Guys Suck: a "fuck you asshole" break-up soundtrack" for someone, so go ahead and help yourself. Looking back on it, I am shocked at how angry I had been. Now when I listen to it I get cheery. Odd.

Oh, and gift for any Alejandro Sanz fans out there, "Te lo agradezco, pero no" with Sharika (but don't let that put you off!) has been running on repeat in my head - so I though I'd share. I have become so obsessed with this be glad I didn't include the video.


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