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Show your support!

Visit the Burma Campaign in the United Kingdom or the United States, and take action.

Write to TOTAL OIL, The UN, Your Governor/Senator/Member of Parliament - and help them realise that it's not just the thousands on the streets of Myanmar that want change!

Images all link to different articles and sites about the demonstrations.

More images by those brave enough to risk reporting on this tragedy. )
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Yahoo news is reporting 33 dead in Virginia, Reuters is still sticking with 32 along with CNN, and local officials won't say anymore than 22. How can there still be so much confusion when the gunman is supposed to be dead already?

The BBC was reporting that the man open fired in a classroom, killing students execution style, which probably accounts for the extremely high numbers. I have to give them credit, the BBC started taking about gun control almost an hour after the news broke. I have a feeling we will be reading quite a few op-eds about that in the next month. Of course, nothing will come of it. All Columbine sparked was a great documentary, a congressional hatred for Micheal Moore and metal detectors in preschools. The worse thing about this entire situation is that its not unbelievable - this sort of thing has happened before and it will happen again.

Reuters talks about Gun-control issues, and the Washington Post names this the worst mass shooting in US history.
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Really interesting article about the myth of virginity in the Washington Post. Somewhat bizarre to read as the idea of a first time not really having any real biological connotations is just odd. Also, the comments on the "Breakdown" of the Bush administration are just bizarre. One would think that the US Justice Department would have more than one copier - especially when the documents in question have been requested by the House and Senate. One would think.

Supernatural ending up EW's Must-Watch makes me very happy. Although I haven't actually read the stub, as my brain might collapse from minor, non-spoiling spoilers. I'm just weird that way.

Fics I've been reading like woah:

Hush by [ profile] nymeria - a AU SPN where John dies when Dean is 18. Sam/Dean with an amazing Jess!factor.

On Midsummer Nights I Dream of Winchesters by [ profile] deirdre_c - Shakespeare!Wincest that reminds me of the D/Hr fic from way back when The Play's the Thing by [ profile] shakespearechic - only with, you know, incest and porn and guns and metal and... okay, maybe not so much. Still, this fic? Hot. Never look at Shakespeare the same. Ever. Again.

The latest part of Hearts Desire by [ profile] wolfling and [ profile] zortified. I had just finished reading parts 1-6, when part 7 came out. My shout for joy could be heard in Morocco. For real.


Jul. 4th, 2006 11:30 pm
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En memoria de las victimas de esta tragedia. Toda España está contigo. Un abrazo. - Imagén gracias a La Fragua.


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