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A picspam of my all time favourite characters made for [ profile] picspammy, which was awesome to make but really hard. ALL THE FRIGGIN DECISIONS. *sighs*

featuring lots of emotionally!unavailable!men, workaholics, alcoholics, serial killers, women-who-kick-ass and DEMOCRATS )
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Choosing my favourite person for [ profile] picspammy was tough. And like everything else, I couldn't make up my mind. So I went instead with a person both love and someone who I actually want to picspam. Elizabeth Mitchell has basically become the reason why I stuck through S3 of Lost, her very first episode made me love her. I actually went out and bought everything she had ever been in. So yeah, I am a fan. She is one of the few women I would switch teams for. ♥

Elizabeth Mitchell - One of my favourite people )
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I started working on how I would cast the book before I even finished it.  Donna Tartt's characters are just so alive it is hard not to picture them in real life.  I know this book has been casted by fans everywhere, so please no hate if you disagree!

Thanks to [ profile] picspammy for motivating me to post this casting after having come up with it almost a year ago!
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 I am still not where I wanted to be in my studies, but I am pretty fucking close. My first exam is in 4 days. That's when I'll be tearing my head off.

Okay okay okay. Before I get going, y'all should know that I was super nervous before watching these episodes. I even waited a whole day after my allowed "deadline" to download them because all I could think of was what if it's not as good as I remember? Stupid I know, this is the show that brought us Nightshifter, The Benders and fucking Skin - how could the next episodes not be great? Right? But you've got to understand - it's been 3 bloody weeks since I've seen the boys and, yeah, maybe I was wondering if they still liked me.

To those of you out there who have gone underground, yeah, major spoilers ahead people.

Okay, am off to watch 2x21 - which is so very crazy amazing.

Should I save the next one for tomorrow?


I probably won't get any sleep anyways.  How the hell did you people wait a whole week for this?

*is dead*

People, rec me anything and everything that I have missed.  Need.  More. Guh.

ETA:  Was almost going to use a spoiler icon just as payback - apparently I'm just not enough of a bitch.  *grumbles*
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Well, I managed to complete my Top Ten jail fics over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs - which is a bit of a relief.  It seemed like such a great idea at the time, but trying to find all these fics that I could vaguely remember ended up taking a couple of hours.  *sighs*

I still haven't seen 2x20 and at the moment I feel like maybe I should just wait it out and splurge on Friday.  I haven't had two new episodes to watch since... 1x19?  1x18?  I don't rightly remember.  Then I won't sit through the whole episode feeling guilty about watching it - it will be a little holiday, as it were.  Thing is - I really really don't want to be spoiled, which will be likely what with the tendency for people to go lax on spoilers after a few days of airing.  *grumbles*

Moving on.

So, there I am - minding my own business - when a fellow hall senior (RA?  I have no idea what americans call us.) drags me out of my studying to watch... yes, Desperate Housewives.  A show I had never even thought about until that millisecond.  So I'm sitting in her room, listening to her squee over Felicity Huffman in a way solely reserved for Jensen, wondering why the hell I am watching this bloody show instead of, you know, Supernatural - and then this guy comes onto the screen.  You could actually see the little lightbulb pop up over my head.  I knew I recognised him from somewhere... so first thing I do after she sets me free was imdb him.  

Turns out his name is Jason Gedrick - he played evil!cop in The Usual Suspects.  I remember thinking he was hot then - what with the whole "lets slam Dean against the wall" thing he had going on.  Where are the evil!cop/Dean shippers, people?? 

Yeah, anyhow.  I knew this would require pic spam, so here it is:

Random Actor from The Usual Suspects/Desperate Housewives picspam, oh and some Jensen - because there is no such thing as picspam without Jensen. )


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