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So now Obama has won, and Rahmbo is CoS, and the world totally loves the US again... all amazing and awesome facts to be sure. But the greatest of all?


Seriously. Watching [ profile] ontd_political is like mainlining heroin. Only with Obama which is so much better.
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My favourite moments from the DNC last night. Teddy Kennedy by far made the top of the list. I was overwhelmed by both his tribute and his speech. Honestly, I sobbed the whole way through - truly I did. It was painful to watch but wonderful none the less. Also, Caroline Kennedy was beyond awesome. I have been a fan of hers since I read the book she co-authored "a Right to Privacy" - which I highly recommend!

Ted Kennedy's speech, Jimmy Carter tribute, Jim Leach's speech, and more commentary )

I am really looking forward to hearing both of the Clinton's in the upcoming days. Hopefully it will put to rest all this nonsense about the animosity between the two camps.
I have just come back from a month absence from the internet. Needless to say I am behind. So discovering three new shows - The Mentalist and True Blood, both of which will air in September - and getting into The Cleaner... let's just say it was like a return to my roots.

To SPN fans out there, Alona Tal is in the second episode of The Cleaner... WOW. She was amazing. I never really liked her as Jo - but maybe that was just the character... either way, she was excellent alongside Benjamin Bratt. Highly recommend watching at least that one episode.

Also, for the first time in years I am working on a fic. It's actually kinda monstrous and has developed into a medium size trilogy in my head.... the ship? Brian Kinney/Robert Chase. Seriously. Of course, leading on to House/Chase. The three weeks I spent without fandom meant I had to develop my own, and for some reason this is what my brain came up with. I ahve just started writing it long hand and I have a feeling it is going to be rather porny. Which means... research!

Also, I have officially become what I used to loathe - an Obamamaniac. I still wish Hillary could have gotten the nomination, and at first I was only behind him because the thought of McCain was so much worse... but then the New Yorker cover came out, and I got so angry at people that couldn't see the self-mocking that the New Yorker was trying to portray. It just made me really pissed at people who didn't like him. And then I found out that the Human Society endorsed him, and that was it. Total love. He will be a wonderful President. I have no doubt about it.
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If you don't know what today is, you've been living under a rock.


If you are an American living overseas, you still have an opportunity to vote in the Democratic Primary. SO MAKE SURE YOU DO.

And while you're at it, vote for Hillary. ♥♥♥

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Show your support!

Visit the Burma Campaign in the United Kingdom or the United States, and take action.

Write to TOTAL OIL, The UN, Your Governor/Senator/Member of Parliament - and help them realise that it's not just the thousands on the streets of Myanmar that want change!

Images all link to different articles and sites about the demonstrations.

More images by those brave enough to risk reporting on this tragedy. )
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Well, my July 4th passed unnoticed. Actually an English friend sent me a card for the holiday and before opening it I couldn't remember what holiday he was talking about. Then I saw this. It's all over the place but WOW does it need to be watched.

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Really interesting article about the myth of virginity in the Washington Post. Somewhat bizarre to read as the idea of a first time not really having any real biological connotations is just odd. Also, the comments on the "Breakdown" of the Bush administration are just bizarre. One would think that the US Justice Department would have more than one copier - especially when the documents in question have been requested by the House and Senate. One would think.

Supernatural ending up EW's Must-Watch makes me very happy. Although I haven't actually read the stub, as my brain might collapse from minor, non-spoiling spoilers. I'm just weird that way.

Fics I've been reading like woah:

Hush by [ profile] nymeria - a AU SPN where John dies when Dean is 18. Sam/Dean with an amazing Jess!factor.

On Midsummer Nights I Dream of Winchesters by [ profile] deirdre_c - Shakespeare!Wincest that reminds me of the D/Hr fic from way back when The Play's the Thing by [ profile] shakespearechic - only with, you know, incest and porn and guns and metal and... okay, maybe not so much. Still, this fic? Hot. Never look at Shakespeare the same. Ever. Again.

The latest part of Hearts Desire by [ profile] wolfling and [ profile] zortified. I had just finished reading parts 1-6, when part 7 came out. My shout for joy could be heard in Morocco. For real.
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"House opponents of oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge introduced a bill to make an oft-challenged drilling ban permanent by designating. The bill would designate an oil-rich 1.2 million-acre strip along Alaska's north coast a permanently protected wilderness area."

Friday January 5th 2007, Washington Post

I wish I could properly express how ecstatic I am.

I am really looking forward to 2008 - even though an overseas ballot is pretty much a joke. But I will vote on the off chance that my vote in accidentally counted.


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