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PIMP: SUPERNATURAL FANDOM fanlisting - join!

I am not sure about the layout or the name and the about section is lacking - but at least it's up!

I am very carefully avoiding any spoilers for the next season of Supernatural. I want to hear none of it - because I still remember my being spoiled for the QAF ending, which meant I didnt properly watch the season at all. And while I was spolied for Half Blood Prince but I didn't actually believe it - so it didn't matter in the end.

I have been reading all of the Big Bang stories, from both Post-HBP and Post-OotP - I can't believe I managed to miss them. Well, when HBP came out I was really getting into QAF, but OotP came out like a week before I changed from D/Hr to H/D... nevertheless, it means I have had truckloads of Drarry to read over the past week.

I still dont have CNN at home - and even though I didnt have at uni, I miss it desperately. Especially when I am reading all my back issues of Vanity Fair, and stumble upon that article by Anderson Cooper - I never switched off CNN during Katrina, and Coop was a godsend...


Opportunistic Lover by [ profile] joyfulgirl41 - [Dean/Girl!Sam]
Sam wakes up a girl. Dean notices. - An old fic that I hav eonly just stumbled on. Not usually my cup of tea - but crack none the less.

Field of Mars by [ profile] angstslashhope
Found the Chevy today. - Sequel to On the banks of the Tiber, a werewolf fic that I had trouble not re-reading. Same goes for this sequel, I really couldn't pick between the two.

Ships Passing by Sorrel - [Xander/Spike/Dean, Dean/Sam] [First in Points of Connection Series]
Dean stumbles onto Spike and Xander slaying a vampire and ends up joining them for one memorable night. - I loved this threesome and honestly felt as though Dean could just move right in with the two of them and be perfectly happy.

I Can't Trace Time by [ profile] gilascave
The demon was gone, and its influence over their lives was fading.


Signups at [ profile] postcardathon!

Big Bang Fics - you have probably read all of them, I will do individual recs later though!
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Post-War Harry/Draco
A great collection of recs, only listing post-war fanfiction.
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Harry Potter Recs by Thawrecka

Note: Has a number of Fanfic recs - and she hates Ron/Hermione... always a good thing!

ETA - 26th August 2006: Am no longer a R/Hr hater so ignore that - but still check out the recs.
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The Bottom!Draco H/D Archive

This Archive is absolutely fantastic - everything is worth reading and incredibly sexy. Possitively Brill.


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