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The thing I love about the HP fandom is the quantity of quality there is out there.  I might not read an H/D fic for months, but when I want to I can spend hours at a time reading a novel length fic.  I kinda miss being as active in this fandom as I used to be, but at the same time, I do not miss the miserable waits for new chapters.  Then again, I suffer in exactly the same way in all my other fandoms... but nevermind.

The thing is, I just can't keep up.  I had little computer time this summer, which dampened my SPN obsession.  And since I have not seen the new eps, I have been sticking solely to the WIPs I had followed before S3.  Just in case.  It's crazy, but at least I can venture onto my flist with the help of filters.  And then there is Heroes, which I do not profess to be an expert in or a major fangirl of.  But at the same time, I love my Nathan/Peter fics.  And how can I not mention QAF?  The fandom I used to exist off of for almost a year... I am completely in the dark.  I miss Brian and Justin in the way you miss that ex that left you at the alter.  But I never know how to get back into the swing of the QAF fandom.

And then there are the deadish fandoms out there.   My Spike/Angel love is still going strong, but the fandom lacks the structure that HP and SPN have.  ie. There is no "here are all the super long, amazingly complex fics" sort of thing.  So either I read through crap or I just give up.  What about Firefly?  My Mal/River love is over the moon, but the fandom in kinda tiny.  Not to mention the fact that there aren't too many browncoats out there who share my particular love.  (If you feel the overwhelming urge to convert, check out [profile] tesla321 's Knot for our Heart - which I love like woah.)

There is also my crazy obsession with the West Wing. How can such an amazing show have such a tiny fandom?  If I could get everyone in the SPN fandom to just write three words of Sam/Josh fic, the amount out there would triple overnight.  And speaking about tin fandom, who else is wondering where all the Grey's fans are?  Seriously.  And what about Lost?  Why am I not overwhelmed with hot Jacket fics everytime I check my flist?  I mean, apart from the fact it's het.  Which.... admittedly, might have a lot to do with it.

Okay, this started out as a happy post and ended up a not-so-happy post.  Give me a fandom with too many fics and I'm pissed, too few and I'm pissed.  I guess I can't be pleased.

Oh yeah, I hope everyone out there is watching Blood Ties.  That awesome Canadian Vampire Detective show?  With the amazingly stunning Henry Fitzroy?  Yeah, that one.

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Instant rec time:

A Work Of Tragicomedy & An Exercise In PoMo Bullshit by [profile] shaychana  - [J/J RPS]

Hold Back the Hand by [profile] mandysbitch- [S/D Post-Devils Trap]

Kore by  [personal profile] musesfool- [SPN/Firefly Xover, Dean/River]

I have yet to see SPN 2x20 - I'm saving it for when I've finished covering a lecture course - motivation, as it were.

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I have a french exam tomorrow and I am stupidly unprepared.  I spent about 7 hours just studying french today, and I'll get two more in tomorrow - but that is nowhere near enough.  Then after the exam, its back to studying my "real" subject, because I only have 30 days left till my exams start.  I don't know exactly where I'm supposed to be studying, as I couldn't find a single empty desk in the entire library today.  And there's no getting there early to stake out a table - as it's open 24 hours in the third term.  People live there and it gets kinda icky.  *sighs*  I just love exams.

I really will need to study this month - so there will be little time for fanfics.  Still, if I don't read anything I suffer from serious withdrawal.  But don't expect all that much!

Also, I am killing my site at the end of the month - and am instead spending the money on a paid account.  Considering I've had an LJ (not this one, per say) since before I should have really been reading NC-17 fics - this is kinda amazing for me.  Except I guess it really isn't.

My reading list as of late:

Sick!Verse by [ profile] writeatmidnight  - [J/J] Excellent take on the relationship, J/J without the usual vast quantity of sex while still be really hot. Its still a WIP, but totally worth following.

Things I Learned my Freshman Year of College by [ profile] ashley - [Jared/Jensen, College!AU]
This is only 5 parts in, so far, but my love knows no bounds.  Seriously, Jared is so Jared and Jensen is so hot that I even got over the fact that Alexis is in it.  Which is kinda amazing, actually.

The Difference Between Want & Need by [ profile] elise_509- [LOST, Jack/Juliet, NC-17]
Yes, this is het people.  Set during that J/J scene in 3x17 - the hotness and rightness and plain old amazingness of this J/J can not be described.  Juliet is tough, Jack is along for the ride and Kate is still a bitch.  Brilliant.
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It just hit me that I haven't made a public post in, er, months. Which is kinda odd considering I check my lj everyday - not to mention I read fic daily... so why haven't I?

Well, truth be told I am not a very good reccer. I mean, I love fanfiction to bits and have been doing this for years - so I know what I am looking for - but I just get to the point where it becomes a chore. Which isnt fun for anyone. BUT my memories are constantly being updated with new recs. Its the simple n easy way for me to say "this is good, take the time to read it" with out the annoying writing bit that comes with a journal.

That said, this lj is in no way closed. I will eventually hit an "OMG I must tell everyone about everything" phase again, but until then, just keep checking out the mems. I started this journal for myself, after realising that 4 years went by and I could only remember a handful of the fics I had read.

Oh - have entered new fandoms by the way! The West Wing (which has made me re-love politics and start counting down till 2008) and Heroes (I love Nathan Petrelli the way I loved Brian Kinney - without the sex though)

Just as a treat, the few fics I have been reading as of late:

Heroes - Like The Berlin Wall by [ profile] lyra_wing - Because the Petrelli duo never gets old.

QAF - Plans by [ profile] xie_xie_xie - Because Post-S5 + Melanie = love.

Ats - Kinesis by [ profile] incasink - Because Inca is god-like when it comes to Spangel. Or anything for that matter.

And a bit of Musica for Y'all - La Oreja de Van Gogh, Paco De Lucia, Amaral... )
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*Everything That Dies by [ profile] imogennegomi - [R, Wincest]
Quote: Yeah, Sam thinks. I solved the mystery of the haunted castle while you were getting your cock sucked in a bar bathroom. And wouldn't you know it, the heirloom necklace was cursed all along.

Letting Sam Go by [ profile] anne_higgins - [R, Wincest]
Post-Shadows. Dean always gives Sam what he wants. - Brilliant take on what becomes of the Shadows conversation we all loved/hated.

Stories Untold by [ profile] joyfulgirl41 - [Gen, Sam/Jess]
There are things that Jessica doesn't say. - I loved her take on Jessica, who we really know nothing about, despite Sam never shutting up about her. And Dean is just... oh, just read it.

Sentinels by [ profile] profcricket - [NC-17, Wincest]
Not all of the demons they fight are on the outside, and some of their enemies are closer than they want to imagine. - Excellent fic ft. SlightlyInsane!DaddyWin, and an excellent twist of Sams visions.

Supernatural Art

Shifting by [ profile] ponderosa121 - PG
Majorly Wincesty, absolutely stunning. So hot you can barely breathe. Just... Guh.


Bone and Blood by [ profile] angelstart - [NC-17, Crossover, Booth/Spike, Spike/Angel]
Interesting mix of two fandoms, and although I actually love Booth/Brennan (OMG, het!), this is still an excellent take on both Booth and Spike... not to mention I actually like her Dawn. Which is a miracle in itself.
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A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Unfortunate Urge by [ profile] monkey_realm - [NC-17; Violet/Klaus]

Harry Potter
Apotropaic by [ profile] sparcck - [NC-17, Harry/Draco]

Iucundita by [ profile] emmagrant01 - [NC-17, Harry/Himself]

Capnolagnia by [ profile] rosesanguina and [ profile] petulantgod - [NC-17, James/Sirius]

In Blood Only by EM Snape

Queer as Folk
Brian Kinney Vs. The Well (And The Well Wins) by [ profile] yoursweater - [fucking ace]

The One Where Brian Gets A Tattoo by [ profile] xocydcharisseox - [Brian/Justin]

The O.C
Watching Mars by Mackerel Sky - [Seth/Ryan, Kirsten]
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Shadows by [ profile] dreamblossom - H/D

The Points Series by [ profile] kaalee - H/D

Monsoon Weather by [ profile] lifeinwords - H/D

Incriminating Evidence by [ profile] naughtygoldie - H/D

Another Day in my Kingdom by [ profile] shikishi - H/D

Anomie In Five Easy Steps by [ profile] bookofjude - James/Harry, Harry/Others

Breaking it Down by [ profile] acidquill - RW/HP, RW/HG, H/D

Nothing Like Human by [ profile] rosesanguina - H/D D/Others - V. Dark


Harry/Draco and Snake by [ profile] _lile - Very unworksafe with companion ficlet by [ profile] switchknife

Regeneration Trilogy

Need by ? - Rivers/Prior

That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Epigone - Rivers/Sassoon One-Sided


Bloody by Jane St Clair - Spike/Xander (Spike/Angelus, Spike/Dru)


Everything will Change by [ profile] crackajack87 - Tom/Dan - NC-17
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VOTE! for H/D fics

Checking it Twice by [ profile] emmagrant01 Art by [ profile] glockgal - Harry/Twins - Ron/Hermione

Undone by [ profile] cmere1 - HP/SB HP/DM HP/HG/RW HP/RL - Post OotP - Harry is desperate for someone to replace Sirius.

HP Art

Caught by [ profile] cluegirl -H/D

H/D Art by [ profile] godonthewater


The Breakdown of Elijah Wood in 7 Parts by [ profile] dystopic - Elijah/Viggo


Apprehension by [ profile] ballroomblitz - John, Bobby

A New Beginning by Minna - John/Bobby

Better Left Unspoken by Princess Twilite - John/Bobby, Rogue

Dangerous Game by Rihani - Bobby/Mystique

Forbidden by Sister Ray - Bobby/Pyro - NC-17

William Tell by Serial Karma - Bobby/John

Grave by D-Prime

Enemy Lines by dirty diana

Snapshots by [ profile] butterfly_web - Iceman/Pyro

Overture by [ profile] wax_jism - Iceman/Pyro

Quote )


Mar. 6th, 2004 12:42 am
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You're my obsession by AquaianGoddess
I know, I know. This isn't exactly uber-quality. I get that. But SuperEvilPerverted!David is so disturbing I wish I had thought of him first. And the J/M-ness in it is so sweet. So leave me alone.
NC-17 | Non-con | David/Marco, Jake/Marco

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I'm trying to think of any guys I know that would be the most aesethically pleasing partner for you." She said, grinning.

"You are pure evil."

"Of course I am, Marco." Rachel grinned.

Cassie sighed and shook her head. "Marco, a word of advice. Meddle not in the affairs of slashers, for you are hot and look good with other men."

"...This is gonna be just like the time I cut my hair, isn't it?"

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Coming Together by Katie
After the good news of Scully's remission, her family strives to have the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever and it may mean many revelations for everyone.....including Mulder.
PG | Mulder/Scully | Romance/Bill!Fic
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Antidote by Howard, Rachel & Rasch, Karen
Strange doings in a tiny western town bring Mulder and Scully out to investigate. Once there, they uncover a deadly experiment that may cost both of them their lives.
NC-17 | Mulder/Scully


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