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1) OMG Podcast! Jonny McGovern is 12 kinds of awesome, and if you people aren't listening to his GayPimp Podcasts - then do so now.

2) I have been rewatching QAF and am still crazy in love. In case, by some hideous chance, you missed Pulse Point by [personal profile] xie_xie_xie - it is like reading a gay!Greys Anatomy.  Only with characters I actually like.  *pimps*

3) I cracked and got an insanejournal and a journalfen.  Just in case, and all that.

4) Jared has a STARDOLL.  ...  Yeah, I saw these on The 9 about six months ago and had since completely forgotten about them.  But now?  Yeah, staring at Jared in his boxers has purpose.

5) *gigglesnort* More of ToppyBastard!Jared/Jensen Premiere pics, posted by [personal profile] stir_of_echoes.

6) Start pre-ordering your Serenity DVD, people.  I know the chances of another movie are kinda microscopic - but you never know!

7) We didn't start the fandom.  *sighs*  Relive the greatest HP fandom moments of all time.  Seriously, this is possibly the greatest ever made.

8) I watched the entire season of Dirt, and half of Entourage season 4.  My Hollywood love is like woah.

So, I think I've managed to cover every fandom in this short post.  *hugs the world*  And no, this is not another high!post.
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It just hit me that I haven't made a public post in, er, months. Which is kinda odd considering I check my lj everyday - not to mention I read fic daily... so why haven't I?

Well, truth be told I am not a very good reccer. I mean, I love fanfiction to bits and have been doing this for years - so I know what I am looking for - but I just get to the point where it becomes a chore. Which isnt fun for anyone. BUT my memories are constantly being updated with new recs. Its the simple n easy way for me to say "this is good, take the time to read it" with out the annoying writing bit that comes with a journal.

That said, this lj is in no way closed. I will eventually hit an "OMG I must tell everyone about everything" phase again, but until then, just keep checking out the mems. I started this journal for myself, after realising that 4 years went by and I could only remember a handful of the fics I had read.

Oh - have entered new fandoms by the way! The West Wing (which has made me re-love politics and start counting down till 2008) and Heroes (I love Nathan Petrelli the way I loved Brian Kinney - without the sex though)

Just as a treat, the few fics I have been reading as of late:

Heroes - Like The Berlin Wall by [ profile] lyra_wing - Because the Petrelli duo never gets old.

QAF - Plans by [ profile] xie_xie_xie - Because Post-S5 + Melanie = love.

Ats - Kinesis by [ profile] incasink - Because Inca is god-like when it comes to Spangel. Or anything for that matter.

And a bit of Musica for Y'all - La Oreja de Van Gogh, Paco De Lucia, Amaral... )
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I am so far behind on everything. Had no internet for almost two weeks - and now have three flists I have to get online. Not to mention the fact I haven't read enough.

Supernatural Recs

Two Guys, a Biker and a Bathroom Stall by [ profile] marishna - [Sam/Dean, NC/17]
It would be all their fault because Dean couldn't pickpocket people anymore and Sam... well, because Sam didn't have the balls to use his probably-possibly-could-be surefire way to get them out of this.

**samson went back to bed by [ profile] endora_taylor - [Sam/Dean, R, Post-DT]
Sam is driving and John is angry and Dean is bleeding something fierce, but he doesn’t really care.

** The Ice Is Thin by [ profile] mona1347 and [ profile] poisontaster [Sam/Dean, Post-DT]
Dean and Sam in the aftermath. They haven't... they haven't; not since that night on the rock, the night Sam thought might be the end of it all.

**The Sun's Gone to Hell by [ profile] wheebubbles - [R, Sam/Dean]
Dean starts counting the night his father dies.

The Good Son by [ profile] witchofthedogs - [Wincest References]
How do you make a deal that only ends in pain? - Maybe not very realistic, but I loved Dean in this like nothing else.

Don't Step On the Grass, Sam by [ profile] mona1347 - [Weed, Hard R, Sam/Dean]
Dean smokes weed. Sam flails and says, "OMG, DEAN!" a lot. Then there's sex. - Everyone has read this, right?

*Opportunistic Lover by [ profile] joyfulgirl41 - [girl!Sam/Dean]
Sam wakes up a girl. Dean notices. - Not normally my kink, but this is so fucking fantastic and even incorporated a bit of slash into it. So, yeah, much love.

*Almost Lost by [ profile] darkhavens - [Sam/Dean, Biting!Kink]
Sam's kink gets him in trouble of the best kind. "Dude, that's not normal." - Only 527 words, but there it just so much in there.

**To Everyone Who Thinks Sam Looks Like a Puppy: You Have No Fucking Idea, by Dean Winchester by [ profile] moonythestrals - [Sam/Dean, PG-13]
I know everyone has read this, but you can never over-rec.

Stranded at the Drive-in by [ profile] merepersiflage - [Multi-Part, Complete, Sam/Dean, Dean/OMC]
Couples disappear from an X-rated drive-in.

down in tin pan alley by [ profile] wheebubbles - [Sam/Dean, Dean/OMC, Hard R]
OMG, words can not explain why this as good as it is. As hot as it is. It just really, really is. Somehow makes me fall completely in love with even though he's such an evil bastard.

It Makes Sense
by [ profile] raconter - [Stanford!Porn, Sam/Dean]
The love Sam and Dean share for one another is true and just, but they must keep it a secret from everyone else, including Sam's roommate.

**I have tried in my way to be free by [ profile] flipmontigirl - [Sam/Dean]
Pilot retold. They’re brothers again.

someone filled up my heart with nothing, just surrender and it won't hurt at all and man awoke being dragged across the grass by [ profile] flipmontigirl - [Sam/Dean, John, NC-17]
Stanford is learning to drink coffee. Learning to need it. [...] Stanford is learning to fuck someone who’s not his brother. - I love this Sam/Dean - a very believable spin on how their relationship could have worked both Pre and Post-Stanford.

*Wednesday Morning, 3 AM by [ profile] felisblanco - [Very Hot!Sam/Dean]
Sam has this irrational fear of hurting him, as if every time is the first one, and when he finally slicks up his cock and slides in, his eyes are latched on Dean's the whole time.

**On A Steel Horse by [ profile] trollprincess - [Post-DT, John POV, Gen]
This story doesn't end the way you think it does. - I think someone called this the ending that no one could dare write. Appropriate.

**Stigmata by [ profile] laytoncolt - [Dean!love, Gen]
Dean never used to believe in faith healers, and the irony of this newfound ability is not lost on him, but he just tells Sam he's not getting himself a fucking tent or a ticket booth, so he'd better damn well not ask.

**Who cares what the title is, this is a Brian/Dean fic. Stop Everything and Read it for fucks sake. by [ profile] winterlive - [QAF/SPN Crossover]
How could I have not recced this earlier? Incidentally - when Dean picks up Sammy and they go off after John, Dean is careful to plot around Pittsburgh, but it's not because of Brian. Sam would disapprove of Debbie, and Dean would hate to have to hit his brother in front of her.

***Where A Man Can Be King by [ profile] scribblinlenore - [Prostitution I suppose, Dean/OMC]
Dirty. Hot. Wrong. Fabulous.

**Epiphany by [ profile] janissa11 - [Dean/OMC, N/C, Chan, Very Pissed Off!John]
And then Dean sees him, really sees him, and his bruised face crumples, and John lets him crawl into his arms and strokes his back with shaking hands, staring at the opposite wall, unable to feel anything at all.

**No Virtue Like It by [ profile] derryderrydown - [Dean/OMC, Chan, Dubious Consent, Another Pissed Off!John]
"I'm only blowing you," Dean says. "Nothing more."

*Easy Money by [ profile] wilwarin1 - [Dean/OMC, Prostitution, NC/17]
“What do you want?” Came the answer. Okay, not angry, but suspicious. Understandable.

“You. Me. This.” Dean answered, “And a hundred and fifty bucks.”

*Born Every Minute
by [ profile] apetslife - [Dean/OMCs, Sam POV, More Prostitution]
It doesn't happen often, just once in a while, and Sam tries to ignore it as best he can.


Mart Miracles by [ profile] etharei - [B/J, Gus, Jennifer, Molly, Claire POV]
“The first thing she has to struggle to make her brain accept is the sight of Brian Kinney amongst factory-produced consumer products...”

I have been reading a lot of QAF, but there seams to be very little, if any, good!fic out there any more.
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If any of you havent seen the new Bones episode yet... do so. NOW.


Secrets & Bonds by [ profile] angelstart and [ profile] carolfish - [AU, R, Eventual Sam/Dean, Post-Home]
Dean about his reluctance to talk about what happened in Lawrence. His refusal to speak about Lawrence as well as other secrets he’s keeping may pull the brothers apart or draw them closer as they confront feelings neither of them have a name or explanation for. - Excellent twist on Sams visions or rather Deans in this case. I am really looking forward to the next installments.

*Boys will be boys by [ profile] wearemany - [Dean/Various, Het, Slash]
And I know ugliness, now show me something pretty. - Absolutely fantastic fic going through a number of Deans, erm, experiences. Then takes up Post-The Benders (eek, creepy). Its Wincest when I squint.

Special by [ profile] ladyophelia14 - [Daddy!Win Fic]
It's parent teacher conferences, and John is confronted again by just how special his sons really are.

Ten Times by [ profile] sonata_night - [NC-17, Justin/Brian]
Justin remembers 9 times he was with Brian.
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Queer as Folk

Nei miei Sogni: Dirt and Dust and Air by kiden - Some B/J
Michael reflects on the past years; On Brian and Justin, Ben, and Hunter. On golden lotus and mountain ebony. - Really enjoyed this despite the major depressingness of the whole thing. Beautiful, really takes a good look of what the future could well have looked at.

Quote: Michael can not breathe. He wonders if they will wait for him.

Queer Conundrum by toploft69 - Some B/J
Daphne has a problem. Justin can't help but he can listen, that's what friends are for. - Simple and Sweet Daphne!fic. Lovely Justin/Daphne dynamics with a bit of Brian in the mix.

Quote: "Daphne, just tell me what's wrong."

Daphne took a deep breath. "Taylor is a girl."

Confused by [ profile] princesskirsty - Brian/Justin
I really, really love Vangard!B/J fics, which is the only reason I am reccing it.

*Full Stop by [ profile] suzvoy - Brian/Justin
When Justin leaves the loft the last time, it isn't because Brian won't stop tricking or because they want different things. - Really fucking depressing but still bloody gorgeous.

A Kind of Father Figure by [ profile] suzvoy - Brian/Justin
Lately she doesn't even call before turning up. Post-513. - Brilliant non-angsty Post-Season 5 fic in which Molly/Brian have the best dynamic since Hope and Crosby, Spike and Angel, Bush Sr. and Clinton, whatever. Its fantastic. And I swear this is the last of [ profile] suzvoy's fics I will rec. Just give in and read them all.

Commuter Flight Stories by Netlagd - Brian/Justin, NC-17
After winning the Advertising Executive of the Year Award... blah blah blah. Brian and Justin meet some other way, because Cowlip if for sh!t and we all know if the two only had been more mature we could have had 510 in 120. Yep, its another AU fic, but I swear this one is really fun. And Crack!able. It should be followed just for the Jennifer!love.

Harry Potter
I have really been neglecting this fandom and, don´t worry, I'm swimming in the guilt... I do have one or two utterly outdated fics to rec!

*Walking the Line by [ profile] silentauror - Harry/Draco, NC-17
Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him. - Fantastic post-HBP fic. Yes, it is a WIP although why people have issues with them is beyond me as its probably one of the best out there.

*Darker With the Day by Zillah - Petunia, Gen
Pentunia meets Voldemort. - Excellent look into Harry's life at Privet Drive.

Quote: A picture tacked on the wall caught her eye. It moved.

Petunia let out a shuddering gasp and collapsed on the tiny bed as she watched the crayon horse gallop around the page. She pressed her face to the flat pillow and cried softly. She had failed.

Later, when Harry got home, his picture was gone and his pillow was damp with tears. He looked at her sadly -
understandingly - and just climbed inside, shutting the door behind himself.


*His voice is like a Mars-bar by dutchbuffy2305 - Faith/Spike (OMG! Het!), NC-17
Spike and Faith get it on, alternative ending to Season 7. - I have always thought Spike/Faith was the ultimate Slayer/Vamp pairing. Buffy was just not his type. This fic, and its sequel He's the Light in Her Fridge (which has the only Spike/dawn that does not tear my eyes out), are unique in their development of Faith in particular. I find the fact that I can identify with her so completely both extraordinary and utterly disturbing. Apparently there is a third, but I have yet to get that far.

Quote:"What do you want?"

His mouth falls open for a moment. "I take it back," he says. "You're nothing like Buffy."

*Just A Couple of My Cravings by [ profile] sallyanne - Spike/Gunn, Hard R
"What happens in the white room stays in the white room, got it?" - Hot White Room!Sex. Not to mention the vaguely creepy BigCat!element. To quote Gunn in this, "they have a complicated relationship."
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Ok, it has been a while... if you are really desperate for fic though, check out my memories as I add fic to that as it comes up.

Harry Potter

The Corresponding Emotion by Calliope - [Ron/Draco, R]
Based on one of my favourite movies, French Kiss, this is an adorable bit of vaguely OC happyending!fic that I luff.

Everything You Want by [ profile] iscaris - [Harry/Cedric, R]
Absolutely perfect Cedric/Harry as I have never read before. Heartbreaking and hopeful all at once. "I asked her because I couldn’t ask you."

*Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by [ profile] wideworldsend - [Ron/Draco, R]
Post-OotP Future!Fic. A fantastic read, and hysterical. I love this Draco beyond words.

Potter ruined a perfectly good argument by bursting into the room wildly. "Malfoy, I don't—Jesus fucking CHRIST!"

"No," I said, "Weasley fucking Draco."


*The Proud Father by [ profile] peggin - [Brian/Justin, Gus, PG-13]
Brian gets a call from Lindsey about Gus. I love this fic to really tiny bits.

Homecoming by Wren - [Brian/Justin, R]
The newest Wren fic that I am obsessed with. Utterly. Fantastic Post-513 fic, that might even knock "Experiment" off the top of my favourite fics list.

Extracurricular Activities by [ profile] thghtlsscmng - [Brian/Justin, NC-17, AU]
A great AU fic featuring Teacher!Brian and UndercoverCop!Justin.

A Pirates Tale by Wren - [Brian/Justin, G]
Not exactly Mickey friendly, but still a fantastic Halloween fic.


Two Parts the Same by Crazy Evil Dru - [Angel/Spike, NC-17]
Really, really long. I havent even completely finished reading it yet. Its a classic though.
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A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Unfortunate Urge by [ profile] monkey_realm - [NC-17; Violet/Klaus]

Harry Potter
Apotropaic by [ profile] sparcck - [NC-17, Harry/Draco]

Iucundita by [ profile] emmagrant01 - [NC-17, Harry/Himself]

Capnolagnia by [ profile] rosesanguina and [ profile] petulantgod - [NC-17, James/Sirius]

In Blood Only by EM Snape

Queer as Folk
Brian Kinney Vs. The Well (And The Well Wins) by [ profile] yoursweater - [fucking ace]

The One Where Brian Gets A Tattoo by [ profile] xocydcharisseox - [Brian/Justin]

The O.C
Watching Mars by Mackerel Sky - [Seth/Ryan, Kirsten]
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Underwater Light by [ profile] mistful Chapter 22 and Epilogue

Kismet by [ profile] switchknife - Harry/Ron/Draco

London Explosions by [ profile] laughs_muses - H/D
Slightly sensitive content, but well done nevertheless.

A Question of Trust by [ profile] fwhippet - H/D

Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are by [ profile] darkasphodel - H/D

A Match Made in Heaven (or Possibly the Other Place) by [ profile] indie_kate - H/D

One Way of Being by [ profile] willysunny - H/D

HBP - Spoilers!

Protection by [ profile] cmere1 - Draco/Fenrir - Fantabulous

Evolution by [ profile] underlucius - Remus/Fenrir

for more Fenrir go to [ profile] fenrir100


Not So Subtle by [ profile] xlemonjellox - H/D - Mwuah!

A Run In Tights by [ profile] cluegirl - I can't believe I've never seen this before...

Dumbledore's Man by [ profile] bri_cheese

HBP Art - Spoilers!

Canon Blaise Zambini by [ profile] odyssey01

Bill and Fleur by [ profile] mondegreen


Habit Forming by [ profile] _pocket_rocket_ - B/J - F-locked

Highschool Confidential by [ profile] coming_staying - B/J

Something More by brandnewloser87 - B/J

Jailhouse Cock. by [ profile] mcpofife - B/J - Ultimate.


Double the Trouble by [ profile] out_there - Poslash/QAF - Justin/Justin

Ridiculous. by [ profile] coming_staying - B/J Spoilers!

Waiting Here by [ profile] _come_on_home - B/J - Season One

Pulse by [ profile] plumsuede - Brian in 122


Xtra Photoshoot by [ profile] marishna - G/R

Birthday Present by [ profile] ljnewfan - G/R

The OC

Whatever Happens by [ profile] miss_begonia - Seth/Ryan

Closer by [ profile] roxierocks - Seth/Ryan

The Difference Between Breaking the Bank and Just Breaking Even and Everybody's Looking Like the Color of Money by [ profile] wearemany - Hooker!Ryan - Seth/Ryan

Ryan, In The Eyes of Kirsten by [ profile] mikhale
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All in the Timing by [ profile] pandoraiam - B/J Semi-AU

Just Say 'No' To Hypothermia by [ profile] darksylvia - B/J

The Abominable Snowstorm by [ profile] moonwind_rising - B/J Cynthia

Lola by [ profile] _alantie - B/J AU NC-17 - Drag!Justin - FAB.

Spring Break by [ profile] gaedhal - B/J AU

Strangers In The Night by [ profile] silverkit - Ethan/Emmett


Randy’s Not as Innocent as He Looks and Part 2 by [ profile] triciaqaf - G/R NC-17 Fucking hot.


Fuck You by [ profile] furiosity - H/D

The Road You Didn't Take by [ profile] nothingbutfic - Pre(?)Slash H/D

The O.C

Golden Boy by [ profile] easywaffle69 - Ryan/Marissa, implied Ryan/Seth

Crossing Paths by [ profile] mrscohen - WIP Ryan/Hooker!Seth AU
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Let Nothing You Dismay by Victoria P. - Harry/Sirius

High Standards by Margaret Rose - H/D


Catching the Snitch and After the Game by [ profile] red_rahl - H/D


Five Days by [ profile] ayesakara - B/J S5 SPOILERS

Dry!Series by [ profile] _deadbutterfly - B/J AU - This is the one and only High School fic I can stomach, it really is fab.

Straight!Brian by [ profile] _deadbutterfly - B/J AU NC-17

Born Again by [ profile] _pocket_rocket_ - B/J AU NC-17 - This is f-locked but seriously worth reading. I'm a desperate junkie when it comes to [ profile] _pocket_rocket_.

What We Need by RaB - B/J

The O.C.

Hallelujah by [ profile] thinkpink20 - Seth/Ryan NC-17

Looking the Other Way by [ profile] roguesgallery - Seth/Ryan, possible Summer/Marissa pre-slash. I cannot stress enough how fantastic this one is. Truly.

The Morning After by [ profile] thinkpink20 - Seth/Ryan
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A shit-load of Seth/Ryan recs, here. Someday I will go through them.

Coercion by [ profile] anise_anise - NC-17 - Charlie/Harry

Fluctuations of the Mind by [ profile] jessicaqueen - NC-17 - Sirius/Harry

A bit of Madness by [ profile] dementedsiren - NC-17 - Harry/Oliver, Harry/Ron

Scrap Paper by [ profile] nattish - NC-17 - H/D

The Inner-Workings of Coincidence by [ profile] marksykins - NC-17 - H/D


Pimpin' made easy by [ profile] starrysummer - NC-17 - Kingsley/Bill, Bill/Harry

In the Morning Light... by [ profile] the_gwyllion - H/D

Ridiculously Romantic by [ profile] halogirl8 - Technically, H/D - QAF/HP crossover


Don't Forget Your Toothbrush by [ profile] concernedlily - Brian/Justin S1

Raw by [ profile] burnitbackwards NC-17 - Brian/Justin

A Thousand Feet and Climbing by [ profile] rhiannonhero - NC-17 - Brian/Justin - Ep.308

Figs and Leaves by [ profile] rhiannonhero - NC-17 - Brian/Justin, Jennifer

Experiment by Wren - Brian/Justin - Ep.314

The Art of Shopping by Danny - Brian/Justin

Picture Perfect 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 by E - NC-17 - Brian/Justin


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