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Instant rec time:

A Work Of Tragicomedy & An Exercise In PoMo Bullshit by [profile] shaychana  - [J/J RPS]

Hold Back the Hand by [profile] mandysbitch- [S/D Post-Devils Trap]

Kore by  [personal profile] musesfool- [SPN/Firefly Xover, Dean/River]

I have yet to see SPN 2x20 - I'm saving it for when I've finished covering a lecture course - motivation, as it were.

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I have a french exam tomorrow and I am stupidly unprepared.  I spent about 7 hours just studying french today, and I'll get two more in tomorrow - but that is nowhere near enough.  Then after the exam, its back to studying my "real" subject, because I only have 30 days left till my exams start.  I don't know exactly where I'm supposed to be studying, as I couldn't find a single empty desk in the entire library today.  And there's no getting there early to stake out a table - as it's open 24 hours in the third term.  People live there and it gets kinda icky.  *sighs*  I just love exams.

I really will need to study this month - so there will be little time for fanfics.  Still, if I don't read anything I suffer from serious withdrawal.  But don't expect all that much!

Also, I am killing my site at the end of the month - and am instead spending the money on a paid account.  Considering I've had an LJ (not this one, per say) since before I should have really been reading NC-17 fics - this is kinda amazing for me.  Except I guess it really isn't.

My reading list as of late:

Sick!Verse by [ profile] writeatmidnight  - [J/J] Excellent take on the relationship, J/J without the usual vast quantity of sex while still be really hot. Its still a WIP, but totally worth following.

Things I Learned my Freshman Year of College by [ profile] ashley - [Jared/Jensen, College!AU]
This is only 5 parts in, so far, but my love knows no bounds.  Seriously, Jared is so Jared and Jensen is so hot that I even got over the fact that Alexis is in it.  Which is kinda amazing, actually.

The Difference Between Want & Need by [ profile] elise_509- [LOST, Jack/Juliet, NC-17]
Yes, this is het people.  Set during that J/J scene in 3x17 - the hotness and rightness and plain old amazingness of this J/J can not be described.  Juliet is tough, Jack is along for the ride and Kate is still a bitch.  Brilliant.

SPN recs

Apr. 18th, 2007 05:02 pm
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Just thought I'd throw out a few SPN recs for y'all:

Got Your Number by [ profile] notquiteclever - [Gen, Pysch/Supernatural]
While investigating a series of strange deaths, the Winchester brothers head to Santa Barbara, where they seek help from a local psychic, Shawn Spencer. - This is a WIP, but I have strong hopes for it. Mixing the out of control wackyness of Shawn with the angsty serious Winchesters is my new crack. For realz.

Give Me A Leonard Cohen Afterworld by [ profile] musesfool - [Gen, Sam, Dean, Jess]
Sam wakes up one morning, and it's as if he's living the life he'd always dreamed of having. There's just one small problem. - I have been totally in love with [ profile] musesfool's fiction since I first plugged her fiction in 2003 - and she is continuing to live up to her reputation. This SPN fic is utterly perfect in presenting how crap the world would be without Dean. Without giving much away, even Dean's mistakes in this fic are so utterly him that I want to hug him through the screen. If you are in the HP fandom, try her Coffee and Cigarettes and Nothing Like the Sun (which kept me in the D/Hr fandom even while I was desperate to escape).

Imperfectly by [ profile] zooey_glass04 - [Plotty Wincest, NC-17]
We get a little further from perfection each year on the road. Future fic: 5 years hence. Sam and Dean are still learning how to go on living. - Amazing detail, buildup, POVs, and original characters. I fell so hard for this fic I could have lived in it. One of the few times where children in a Supernatural fic seemed not just appropriate, but essential. Rec like woah.

Four Times Bobby doesn't say anything... by [ profile] girlguidejones - [Sam/Dean, Bobby POV]
Only 900 words, but each one is worth a thousand. Seriously love this POV.

Midnight at the Planetarium by [profile] hkath- [Sam/Dean, NC-17]
So, yeah. The boys get trashed, vandalize a planetarium and then fuck. Its hot and hysterical and brilliant.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed by [ profile] albydarned - [Jared/Jensen, Chad, NC-17]
Sundays are Jared’s favorite day of the week – unlimited sleeping, video games, and Jensen. Of course, count on Chad (and a speakerphone) to ruin all of that with a simple question: “So, how does gay sex work, exactly?”
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I am working on uploading a Slut!Dean fanmix that I made about a month ago. Things take me way too long, I guess. Like, about three years ago I wrote this Dan/Elijah Dan/Tom (HP/LotR RPS) fic - and I am still editting it. I mean seriously - its only about a thousand words, and it really must be done by now. One day, I will get around to typing it up. For reals.

I am currently on SPN fic overload. It seems I am always the very last person to find out about a fic. Weapon of Choice by [ profile] xantissa, Who We Were When [ profile] finn21 and [ profile] consternatiofic's fics have only now made it onto my radar.

Not sure how that happened.

In other news, I have exams in just over a month and have not even opened my books yet. The thought terrifies me so much that it makes me not want to study even more. Vicious circle and all that.


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