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Okay, I spent the entire Supernatural season er, not watching it.  Because I knew I would get hooked and that I would obsess exactly the way I did last year.  But wow.  Catching up?  Beyond amazing.  And 3x11?  I have never loved Sam so much.  Ever.  Except when he lost his shoe.

In a way I'm glad I missed waiting for the eps - otherwise I would have started reading some of the critique - which always ends up affecting me!  And since I didn't, I loved every second.  It's like when someone points out the tiny flaw your dream guy has and then you end up breaking up with him.  Plain out evil.


And how awesome has Lost season 4 been?  Seriously.  Crazy Crazy awesome.  Even though there haven't been any Juliet episodes yet I am still in love.  Although not as in love as I am with Spn.  But then, how could I be?  Also, I have watch the first two seasons of House.... and yeah.  WOW.  I have long been in love with Hugh Laurie, so this was just the cherry on my cupcake of love.

Also, how have I not mentioned my crazy excitement over the strike being over?  While I totally supported them (pencils down and all that jazz) I am so glad they are back at their jobs.  Oddly enough it feels like Greys is the only show that was affected.  Guess its because I was too in love with the boys to actually, ya know, watch the show.  Which is bizarre... I know.

England v. France this weekend.  So be prepared for a sob story.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 10:10 pm
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I would like to start this post with the fact that I am stupidly drunk and am not responsible for my actions.

Following that, Heath's death made me far more depressed than I can imagine. I can't watch any of his films or talk about the fact he is dead or .... anything. Which is weird cause I was not his "OMG GREATEST FAN EVA!!!" - I just really liked him. And I've been kinda depressed since.

Not to mention the fact my roommate moved out... and I miss her.

I thought the Six Nations would cheer me up. But England's lost on Saturday was just even more depressing. I wanted Jonny to be happy. And now he's not. So Wales should sink into the ocean.

Jonny reminds me of Heath is this weird kinda way. Even though I know I am totally projecting all these crazy!depressing!feelings onto these men I don't know.... I do so I might as way deal with it.

So yeah... Jonny isn't happy, Heath is dead and life is crap.




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