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"It's not lying if they make you lie. If the only truth they can accept is their own." - Brian (108)

"You must be the anti-christ. Big fan!"

"So in other words. For Justin to stay here with you, Justin has to deny who he is… what he feels… That's not love. That's hate." - Brian

"You’re very eloquent when I’m drunk." - Brian

"I’m not anti-social, I just can’t stand people. - Justin

Ted: Just out of curiosity, how many guys hit on you a night?
Brian: I don't know, give or take 112...

Michael: Still, I can’t imagine having sex with your best friend...
Emmett: ..........Really?

Michael: Well, he already has a boyfriend!
Hunter: You do?
Brian: In a non-defined, non-conventional way, yeah.

Emmett: I have to admit, it doesn’t sound like the Brian Kinney we all know and feel ambivalent about!

"As usual, objectivity falls to me...Think: you don't really want me there, do you? I have to be chemically dependent just to show up. I'll be drunk, I'll be bored, not to mention better looking than the brides. I'll offend all the dykes. I'll heckle the ceremony. Table dance at the reception, and inevitably fuck every good looking guy-- gay, straight or undecided in the place. Finally, I'll pass out naked, bitching about the cheap booze. You'll lose your dignity, friends and shirts paying for the damages. Hell! I'm doing you a favor getting out of town." - Brian (211)

Ted: You can't fool me. You gotta free yourself of this burden. Release it. Let it all hang out.
Brian: My mother was a frigid bitch. My father was an abusive drunk. They had a hateful marriage, which is probably why I am unwilling or unable to form a committed long-term relationship of my own. The fact that I drink like a fish, abuse drugs, and have more or less redefined promiscuity doesn't help, much. As a result, I've lost the two people in my life that mean most to me.


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