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I have just come back from a month absence from the internet. Needless to say I am behind. So discovering three new shows - The Mentalist and True Blood, both of which will air in September - and getting into The Cleaner... let's just say it was like a return to my roots.

To SPN fans out there, Alona Tal is in the second episode of The Cleaner... WOW. She was amazing. I never really liked her as Jo - but maybe that was just the character... either way, she was excellent alongside Benjamin Bratt. Highly recommend watching at least that one episode.

Also, for the first time in years I am working on a fic. It's actually kinda monstrous and has developed into a medium size trilogy in my head.... the ship? Brian Kinney/Robert Chase. Seriously. Of course, leading on to House/Chase. The three weeks I spent without fandom meant I had to develop my own, and for some reason this is what my brain came up with. I ahve just started writing it long hand and I have a feeling it is going to be rather porny. Which means... research!

Also, I have officially become what I used to loathe - an Obamamaniac. I still wish Hillary could have gotten the nomination, and at first I was only behind him because the thought of McCain was so much worse... but then the New Yorker cover came out, and I got so angry at people that couldn't see the self-mocking that the New Yorker was trying to portray. It just made me really pissed at people who didn't like him. And then I found out that the Human Society endorsed him, and that was it. Total love. He will be a wonderful President. I have no doubt about it.


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