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Kay (aka aishia). England. Liberal. Really Liberal. Vegan. Fandom. Updates sporadically.

This used to be a rec journal, so digging through the archives you'll find some pretty odd posts. Now its just a journal with a lot of recs.

I don't usually friend back automatically, so please drop a line giving me an idea as to why you've added me!

Harry Potter. Sherlock BBC. Queer as Folk. The Good Wife. Supernatural. Hawaii Five-0. Being Human. House. The West Wing. Twilight. Grey's Anatomy. LOTR. Angel. Firefly. Bones. Dexter. Entourage. Lost. Veronica Mars. Gossip Girl. Heroes. ST: DS9. ST: Voyager

Harry/Draco. Sam/Dean. Dean/Castiel. Mal/River. Sherlock/John. Brian/Justin. Steve/Danny. Alicia/Will. Jared/Jensen. Vince/Eric. Jack/Juliet. Sawyer/Juliet. House/Chase. Josh/Sam. Spike/Angel. Logan/Veronica. Janeway/Chakotay. Mitchell/Annie. Bill/Sookie. Peter/Nathan. Spike/Buffy. Dan/Elijah. Blair/Chuck. Dan/Blair. Garak/Bashir. Harry/Sirius. Booth/Brennan. Jasper/Bella.

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